About Me

My Shiatsu journey started in 2001 when I watched a friends' horse receiving a Shiatsu Treatment.  I had no idea what the therapist was doing, how he was doing it, or what was happening - I just knew by watching the reactions of the horse that something was indeed happening.  My curiosity was raised and I just needed to find out what this Shiatsu stuff was.  I found a human shiatsu course here in Colchester and went along to to find out more about it - I never intended to actually become a Practitioner.  The course was a 3 year course and I signed up for the first year, but by the end I was hooked!  I earned my Diploma from the British School of Shiatsu-Do at the end of 2004 and Equipoise Shiatsu was born.

Having owned horses for many years, it was quite natural for me to practice on my own horses, helped by the text books published by Pamela Hannay.  For my 3rd year dissertation I chose to look at the interactions between horses and their riders.  It may seem obvious, but most of us horse riders choose to ignore the fact that if we have a sore back then so does the horse, or if we are tight in our shoulders then the horse will also be tight in the shoulders.  My conclusion was that in most cases, the best way to treat the horse is to actually treat the rider when the problems are schooling related - of course, the best option is to treat both!

I started my acupuncture course with Bodyharmonics in 2017 and qualified with a distinction in September 2018, having completed over 140 practice treatments, practical exams and theory exams.  In the past 12 months I have developed this knowledge and extended it using small but powerful stick on magnets - acumagnets.  Only Vets are allowed to do acupuncture on horses, but the magnets provide an excellent alternative.

My current practice runs 3 days a week and is a mixture of horses and people. 

I am registered with the Acupuncture and Acupressure Council and full insured through Balens Ltd.

I hold a Licence from the Colchester Borough Council (Number: 097163)

Rose and her Irish Sports Horse called Chester