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Acupuncture for People

Surprisingly there are a number of types of acupuncture, the style I have learnt is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncture and is based on the same theories, but with a different application, as Shiatsu.  In addition to the diagnosis techniques used for Shiatsu I will rely much more on a tongue diagnosis (I use your tongue as a 'health map') and a pulse diagnosis where I feel the quality of your pulse in both your wrists.  This will give me an holistic picture of you and will influence what acupoints are needled.  This information will be used in conjunction to what you want treated, such as insomnia or back ache for example.

Other types of acupuncture include; 'dry needling', a type of Western Acupuncture used by GP's, physio's etc,  they have an intensive (usually) 4 day course where they learn what acupoints to use locally for treating pain and so is not holistic in nature; another type is 5 Element Acupuncture taught on some degree courses plus another 2 years 'understudy' work is required before they are allowed to practice.  Needling is very shallow and based on very complicated theory.

Many people are scared of needles as a result of blood tests and injections.  Acupuncture needles are much thinner than these and you usually do not feel them going in at all.  The needles are 'activated' by adjusting the depth and rotating them to make sure the Qi is contacted in the meridians - this may feel a little strange at first.  Many people find the experience very relaxing.

There are normally from 4 to about 14 needles used in any one treatment.  Sometimes the places needled will be local to your area of pain, but often distal points will be used, for example there are very effective acupoints in your hands and legs which are very effective at treating neck pain.  I normally treat people on a couch but may also use a chair if more comfortable.

People often want to know if they will be cured in 1 treatment or want to know a definitive number of treatments.  There is no set answer to this.  You should feel a benefit from receiving one treatment, but this is likely to be short lived.  As a general rule of thumb if a condition has only just happened then it should be resolved more quickly, if a condition has been there for years then it will take longer and many more treatments will be needed.  Personally I would recommend that you should always consider having a minimum course of 3 treatments.

Ear acupuncture is also known as 'battlefield acupuncture'.   It is a stand alone therapy or can be used in addition to any other therapy.   There are just 5 basic points which may be used to 'reset' the body and is mostly used for helping people tackle addictions such as drugs and alcohol, but is often effectively used for weight loss too.  It is called battlefield acupuncture because it has been used as a drugs free way of pain relief on the battlefield.

The ear has its own body map and many of the things that TCM acupuncture can treat may also be treated just within the lobe of the ear.  May be worth a try is you are wary of normal acupuncture but you want to give it a try.