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June 2019 Offer - Acupuncture for Insomnia

As we enter the meteorological summer, we are also entering the Chinese medicine 'Fire' time of year. This means that your Fire energy is at is most abundant. One of the effects of disturbance of the Fire Element that many of us have experienced, at some time, is insomnia.

Insomnia may come in many guises such as difficulty going to sleep, waking many times during the night, vivid dreaming, snoring through to sleep apnoea, a very serious condition that needs immediate medical attention. The end result is always the same - always feeling tired.  It may be an issue all year round, but in Summer the nights are much shorter and warmer which can sometimes make it seem worse.

We often associate insomnia with stress, but it may be caused by many other things, such as too much caffeine, alcohol, poor diet, menopause or pain or even down to emotional distress, grief or worry.

Acupuncture is completely drugs free and has been used for centuries to provide effective relief for many people.

For June 2019 here is an introductory offer of 3 treatments for the price of 2 for insomnia

So that's 3 treatments for the price of 2!

The 3 treatments should all be within a 2 week period and £90.00 must be paid for in full at the start.  Booking must be in June.

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