Equipoise Shiatsu & Acupuncture 

Covid 19 Update

It will probably be a long time until shiatsu and acupuncture will become available again. If you are struggling at the moment I am able to offer a number of ways of helping you from afar:

1. distant shiatsu - energy work for you, wherever you are.

2. offering a set of acumagnets with full instructions of how and where to use them (nominal cost of £15)

3. sharing a video link and talk you through a self-shiatsu treatment

4. suggest exercises for you to do at home

5. just be here to listen to you.

Treating horses will be available much sooner, but in the meanwhile I am able to look at photos and videos of your horse and provide a protocol for you to follow and also supply some magnets to use on specific acupuncture points.

All of these are available on a donation basis depending upon your personal financial circumstances.

Be kind to yourself and stay safe


01/06/20 Update:

Equine Shiatsu is now available with the approprate measures.  You must have your vets permission and be able to provide a safe working environment with social distancing