Equipoise Shiatsu & Acupuncture

Workshops and Demo's

Introduction to Equine Shiatsu Demonstrations

These are suitable for groups such as Riding Clubs or other Equestrian Groups who are interested in learning a little bit about Equine Shiatsu and lasts about an hour.

This is an interactive workshop where the audience participate in activities.  We take a look at the nature of meridians and how the Qi (energy) moves around the body and what happens when it gets 'stuck'.  If a horse is available then some meridians may be painted on and how these relates to the Five Element characteristics


I can come along to your event or show and do sample neck & shoulder treatments and if space I can bring my futon and do sample back treatments on people.  I can also check standing posture and make basic adjustments or do a simple back check on horses.   I normally charge for this but am very happy to contribute takings towards charity fundraisers.

Treat your Horse to a Facial

This is a half day workshop for people who want to learn a simple basic routine to practice on their horse.  It is a lovely introduction to simple shiatsu techniques that can be used on your horses head - the horse will love it too.  It is a great introduction for people who might be interested in doing Shiatsu or just as a fun half day for children and ponies.

Cost: £30 / person                 4 - 12 people

The Five Elements

This is a half day workshop to introduce the Chinese Five Elements Theory.  We all constitutionally fall within one of the five elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood.  Each Element is seen as having a series of correspondences relating to the season, taste, body type, emotions, body type etc and it can be very interesting finding out more about what Element you and your horse is and how this effects your relationship.  For further information about the Five elements and horse characteristics take a look at the bottom of the tESA Home page.

Cost: £30 / person                 4 - 12 people

2 Day 'Basic Frame' Equine Shiatsu workshop

This provides a basic routine that is used for Equine Shiatsu and is suitable for anyone who owns a horse or rides on a regular basis.  It will enable participants to learn a routine to use on their own horse(s) and help identify where the problem areas are and when a professional Practitioner or Vet should be called.  Its a great way to improve your bond with your horse.

The aims and objectives are:

  • to understand the 'nature of horse' relative to Chinese Medicine
  • learn how to 'scan' the horse to find areas of 'disharmony'
  • learn some techniques that can be used on your own horse
  • how to work safely and 'listen' to your horse
  • have fun!

Cost: £120 / person                4 - 10 people